Personal Information

NHK Policy on Protection of Personal Information

Japan Broadcasting Corporation (hereinafter called "NHK"), on behalf of the Asian Pitch, duly recognizes the importance of personal information of the audience and is keenly aware of the fact that personal information must be carefully and appropriately handled under the principle of respect for the dignity of the individual. It is an important responsibility of NHK to treat personal information of the audience carefully and appropriately.

The spread of the Internet on a global scale has established advanced computer network, ushering in the environment where a huge volume of personal information can be instantly transmitted. To ensure more appropriate handling of personal information and achieve its mission of public broadcasting in such advanced information and communications technology society, NHK has defined its basic policies as mentioned below, thereby declaring that it will be committed to the protection of personal information.

1. Compliance Concerning Protection of Personal Information (Compliance)
NHK will abide by the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information" (Law No. 57. 2003), as well as other regulations and codes relating to personal information, and will appropriately handle personal information in accordance with internal rules of NHK. To this end, NHK will provide necessary education and training to the personnel who handle personal information for the performance of NHK services.

2. Enforcement of Personal Information Protection Measures
NHK will take measures for appropriately handling personal information and conduct proper safety and management steps for preventing an infringement on the privacy and any other personal right arising from theft, falsification, leakage of personal information, or any other incident.
In using personal information, NHK will separately establish, and abide by, "Personal Information Protection Rules for Coverage, Literary Work and Academic Research Fields" when handling personal information for journalistic purposes such as the one provided in Article 50 (Exclusion from Application), Paragraph 1 of "Act on the Protection of Personal Information", and "NHK Personal Information Protection Rules" when handling personal information for other purposes.

3. Strengthening of System of Protecting Personal Information
With the aim of properly managing personal information, a chief supervisor, administrators and personnel in charge are assigned relating to personal information protection.

4. Response to Complaints over Handling of Personal Information
Complaints over handling of personal information and requests by the audience for the disclosure of their personal information are appropriately and promptly noted and responded to by NHK broadcasting stations across the country.
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